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Punch Master Tools

John Xynos, owner and operator of Punchmaster Tools, redesigned and built his first paper punching tool back in 1993 for a Sickinger machine. He has been building and designing new paper punching tools ever since.

With each new design there have been added features and improvements. Some of the improvements have come from customer input. Other enhancements and features have come through John's commitment to quality, performance and reliability at an affordable price.

'I like to approach my tool design from the perspective of
the end user and make their production requirements my
top priority.'

At Punchmaster Tools we specialize in designing and building paper punching tools only. We also provide well known equipment manufacturers with our tool designs for use in their punching equipment sold under their brand name.

In closing, we never forget that we are here to service you the customer and we try to stock all popular sizes. If a customer has needed a tool that wasn't in stock we have been able to meet some extremely tight deadlines and have the tool arrive at their door when they need it.