Tool Care - Please read through our helpful tips on taking care of your paper punching tools. Proper care can extend your tools life and performance.


Here are a few helpful tips for proper care of our paper punching tools.


Do not use grease for lubricating punch surfaces.

The fit between the punches and punch guide material (the gold-colored material the punches slide through) is less than a tenth of the thickness of a sheet of paper. This does not allow grease to work into the tool and provide lubrication. Eventually, the grease ends up drying on the tool surface like glue resulting in excessive binding and wear.

What to do if grease has been used on the tool.

  1. Remove any grease by thoroughly wiping down affected surfaces.
  2. Spray a coat of penetrating oil on the affected surfaces, allow to soak in, and then wipe down. Repeat as required to remove caked on grease.
  3. Lubricate with light machine oil as recommended below.

How to lubricate your tools.

Our tools should only be lubricated using turbine oil, part number: 1244K14 (McMaster-Carr 404-629-6500) in the following manner.

If the lubrication is taking place on the machine, ensure all power is turned off, and the appropriate safety measures followed.

Use the extended spout and run a small amount of oil directly along the punches, this insures every punch gets lubricated. If you get too much oil on the tool, you may have to wipe it down and pass a rag through the paper gap to remove excess oil. After this you may also have to run scrap paper through the tool to help remove any remaining oil residue.

Please contact us with any questions regarding lubrication.

Tool Sharpening

Tool sharpening is available for all the brands of tools we offer. Contact us for more information.