PAPER PUNCHING TOOLS - Our tools are a one piece design and can punch a 400mm long sheet. This design also allows for the addition of 5/16

Rilecart 442 Paper Punching Tools

Rilecart Paper Punching Tools

Model 4/42

The Rilecart 4/42 tool has a thick layer of punch support material (hard bronze) with a lubrication strip which can be periodically oiled, for increased punch guide lifespan. Our tool comes as a one piece design which allows for 5/16 ring book hole punches.

Standard Tool Features

  • Hardened tool steel base inserts.
  • Hard Bronze Guide material.
  • Numbered, Hardened, precision tool steel punch pins.
  • Oilable punch pin lubrication strip.
  • Ring book hole punches.
  • Retractable sliding top for quick punch pin removal.

Optional Feature

  • Adjustable back Gauge.


See Available Punch Patterns Download our Pattern Sheet (PDF)


Rilecart 442 Paper Punching Tool Rilecart 442 Paper Punching Tool

.2475 pitch 4mm X 5mm oval tool shown with built in 5/16 drill, hole punches.